Mystery Box Jr Party Pack (4+)


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4 or more multiple identical Mystery Box Jr boxes of your choice for a party, event, gathering, sleepover or a competition at a bulk price, for competitive or simultaneous play, so that the event participants do not have to share the same box and clues.

Age range: 8-108

Fun clue-finding, mystery-solving time guaranteed - at home, at a party or celebration, at a family reunion, sleepover, playdate, camping trip, homeschool gathering, sports team trip or any other event or happening.

Each mystery comes with a family-friendly plot and a variety of clues and riddles. Each box will present a series of challenges that will lead to a solution, be it identifying a culprit or finding a lost or stolen item. The mysteries can be navigated by kids aged 8 through 108 (some challenges will require parental guidance, encouragement or assistance for younger children).

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Box Name

Mystery of the Old Mansion, Mystery of the Midnight Fire (available 2023)


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