So, what is Mystery Box Jr?

Were you a fan of Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys when you were younger? Do you and/or your kids enjoy a good mystery? If so, you and your children, family (and likely even friends) will enjoy Mystery Box Jr!

Mystery Box Jr is a family-friendly version of a murder mystery, minus the murder, the sinister undertones and the gore.

It is suitable for quality family time with kids of any age, but children as young as 8 (and, possibly, younger, if your kid is a budding genius!) can actively participate in solving the mystery.

Mystery Box Jr is a mystery-in-a-box with a variety of clues and riddles that will be fun for adults and kids alike, for a fun-filled time any time, anywhere: at home, at a party or celebration, a junior detective competition, a sleepover, a sports team trip out of town, a homeschool group gathering, a family reunion, a camping trip or any other event or happening.

What is in the Box?

Each box can contain a variety of items, that can include but are not limited to: the assignment, letters, clues, newspaper articles, character interactions, maps, secret messages, riddles to solve, locks to open, challenges to figure out, codes to crack, photos, code-breaker guides and more. It also contains a detailed parent guide, game play instructions, clue and progress logs, a box content checklist, challenge answers, hints, etc.

Some of our mysteries are focused on finding a missing object or treasure, others – identifying the culprit.

Unless specified on the product page, our mystery boxes can be played 100% screen-free.


What is Mystery Box Jr and where is it located? 

We are a small family-owned business located just north of Milwaukee, WI in the United States of America.

Where do the boxes ship from?
The boxes ship from Milwaukee, WI.

When do the boxes ship? 
Both the individual boxes and the Party Packs ship within 4-5 business days from the date the order was placed.

What is the return policy?
Please see our Return Policy HERE.

What are different purchase options?
You can purchase an Individual Box or a Party Pack. Please see all purchase options HERE.

What is the age rating of Mystery Box Jr mysteries?
Short answer: 8-108 years old.
Long answer: The mysteries are 100% family-friendly and do not contain any graphic information or anything a child would consider scary. Think adult murder mystery, but without the murder or bodily harm, or anything spooky or upsetting.
The difficulty of challenges varies, but we consider the mysteries suitable for active participation of kids as early as 8, and possibly even younger.
However, they are designed as family adventures, so adult involvement is key to making the most out of each mystery. Adults will find these mysteries engaging and fun as well.

Mystery Box Jr is available in 3 formats:

Mystery Box Jr Individual Box

Printable Mysteries

Same storyline as our boxed mysteries, but without the interactive elements (i.e. combination locks, locked cases, mirrors, etc.

Printable on-demand.

Mystery Box Jr Individual Box

Individual Boxes

A box of your choice for an occasional mystery night.

Simple and straightforward.

Mystery Box Jr Party Pack

Party Packs

4 or more boxes at a discount.

Think party favors, prizes, giveaways, gifts and more for parties, competitions, events, gatherings etc.